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Batchelor, Perez talk politics at CFHLA event

This article first appeared in the Orlando Business Journal. View original here
9 Nov

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Dick Batchelor, founder of Dick Batchelor Management Group Inc., andTico Perez, founding partner of Perez, Bruce & Jonasen LLP, have a debate.

I’ve had the honor of seeing these two guys talk about all sorts of topics and each one has been as entertaining as the one before. Seriously, these men could make a debate on bed linens a real nail biter.

The two local businessmen/experts met again at a Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association luncheon on Nov. 9 to chat about the 2012 election and what it means. The talks were primarily focused on the Republican Party’s performance — both federal and local — and what needs to be done for the party to bounce back from losing the Presidential and many local races.

Perez touched up on what many experts said was the leading cause of the Republican Party’s defeat: A missing connection with a growing minority population. “There are two Americas out there and we are not talking to them and the two sides don’t like each other,” he said.

Batchelor spoke briefly on future elections in Florida including the race for future governor and talked about the challenges that will face Gov. Rick Scott. “I’ve said that Gov. Scott is a very wealthy man and he bought a very expensive toy — the state of Florida — and he broke the damn thing,” he said, noting Scott’s cuts to education and the struggling PECO funds aren’t helping his future endeavors.

The two experts also addressed the looming issue of Florida’s ballot counting process and how the state’s 67 different counties and election processes need to be streamlined to avoid any more issues — and national ridicule — that comes from still being undecided days after the election.

As I mentioned above, these two guys are fun to follow and they ooze smarts, wit and charisma. Definitely fun to be in the audience checking it out.