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Experts react to ISIL actions

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10 Sep
Experts react to ISIL actions
News 13 political analyst Dick Batchelor talks about possible U.S. reactions to the ISIL militant threat.

ORLANDO -- Reaction by the United States to the latest ISIL (also known as ISIS) militant action is being closely watched by both our allies and our enemies. Secretary of State John Kerry spent Wednesday trying to gain Arab support in Baghdad. Kerry says the U.S. and some other forty nations are working together to provide humanitarian, military, and other assistance to the Iraqis in order to fight the ISIL militants.

Terrorism expert Christopher Hinn says this is a fight we should be helping with instead of leading.

"Allies should be attacking them, and we should be supporting the allies," said Hinn. "We should not have our footprints on any of this because we will pay for it."

Hinn says that if ISIL is not stopped, they will grow and flourish and become an even bigger problem. "I don't want to see any more lives in the United States suffer because of bad decisions," said Hinn. "Let's use our minds and our muscles and their muscles."

White House leaders say the President believes that this is a high national security priority, with terrorists spread out in different parts of the world.

News 13 political analyst Dick Batchelor says now is the time for our country to stand together. "Members of Congress should not abuse the luxury of not having to vote on this," said Batchelor. "I think that public comments need to be with the President. This is a strategy now, that we are going after ISIS, and this is a common enemy, so we are 'at war' with ISIS."

ISIL has gained momentum in recent months, attracting younger people to the Jihadist movement, and working toward their primary goal of turning the Middle East intoa huge Islamic state.

Batchelor says that the ISIL movement could prove to be attractive to young people in the Middle East. "Keep in mind that you have very high unemployment in the Middle East," said Batchelor. "These young males have nothing else to do, so they see the government as the enemy."

Meanwhile, Hinn things gaining support from allies will be the most important tool in fighting this battle. "We can't fight this alone," said Hinn. "Alone, we will pay for it."