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With more that 35 years of experience, Dick Batchelor is consistently
sought out to provide expert commentary on business and governmental affairs. Read more about his appearances in the news below.

Orlando Magazine: 50 Most Powerful People in Orlando ‘16

23 Jun

By Jim Leusner & Barry Glenn 

This year, for the first time, our 50 Most Powerful list is divided into six categories, ranging from Government & Politics to Giving & Community Voices. In many cases, the influence of the selected individuals stretches across multiple areas. But what they all share is the power to change our lives and our community's future...



Category: Philanthropy & Community Voices

7. Dick Batchelor

Business and Political Consultant, Social Advocate

For decades Batchelor has lent his  name to numerous causes, especially those that help families in need. He has been active in the Orange County Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Commission, advocating changes in laws to protect domestic violence survivors. He also chairs the Family Homelessness Committee of the area’s Commission on Homelessness. Goals in the coming year include educating the community about the underfunded needs of children and getting a Clinton back in the White House. Batchelor serves on Hillary Clinton’s Florida Finance Committee.